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16 Jun 2024


Satyen & Suzanne Raja

Satyen and Suzanne are the authorities on relationship – passionately intwined for twenty-seven years and sought after by people over the the world for their powerful and cutting edge trainings. With over two decades of study, teaching and facilitation in this area, they have taught tens of thousands of singles and couples the art of creating passionate, juicy intimacy that lasts a lifetime.

A living demonstration of a couple who are continually re-igniting their spark, passion and love, Satyen and Suzanne practically distill what for many can be a confusing, frustrating and even painful topic down to its very workable, irresistible essence. Whether on radio, tv or in auditoriums of thousands, their style is provocative, inspiring, and above all, full of practical wisdom. They have a unique gift for hearing what lies beneath your questions, and giving you answers that convey deep truths with incredible heart. Never shy of controversy, they are willing to take conventional wisdom to task where it falls short in order to help you learn and live the most effective relationship skills.

Satyen and Suzanne are committed to, and superlatively skilled at, saying the things that no one else says, going places that no one else goes — so that you can have the hot, deep, loving, passionate relationship that you deserve…starting now!


The Mission

After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you’re likely to encounter a time when the passion dies down. The twinkle in each other’s eyes is but a memory. You’d agree that your health, peace of mind, financial well-being as a couple is heavily dependent on the depth of passion between you and your loved one.

Sadly, evidently 51% plus of couples that say “I do”, after a while lose something along the way. After 12+ years of providing couples-based workshops, Satyen & Suzanne Raja believe that no amount of reconciliation, communication or education will get couples back on track. If it did then we’d have a declining divorce rate – however that is not the case. As of 2012 the divorce rate is steadily rising by 1% per year and it seems there is no stopping it. Or is there?

Satyen & Suzanne Raja have made it their life’s mission to put a dent in the divorce rate by helping couples re-ignite their passion, for real, in a non-teachy, non-guru, non-clinical way. The secret to getting couples back on track is to help them re-experience “Polarity”, just as magnets attract with north and south poles. Couples need the polarities of Control and Submission to get the attraction back… “Control and submission does not only fix passion problems, but it’s also the mechanism that takes an already passionate relationship to a mind-blowing passion…” This control and submission can’t be taught, it can only be experienced” Satyen exclaims with giddy enthusiasm… Satyen and Suzanne have realized this in their 25+ years of being together and leading workshops for couples. The big epiphany in 2011 for Satyen and Suzanne was that it’s not the information, knowledge or skills that make couples fall madly back in-love with each other. It is the experience of re-igniting the passion. “This experience is what makes it work – PERIOD. Suzanne says, “So we decided to step down as teachers/gurus and create an undeniable couple’s experience to leave a lasting impression of love, connection and passion that couples can experience in the comfort of their own home… “We decided to step up and put ourselves out there”, says Suzanne. “It’s time someone stands for something worth standing for” – and as if they are sharing the same brain, they both said “ We have decided to put a dent in 51% divorce rate! If not us, then who?”

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