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10 Apr 2020

A Tribute For A Lifetime – 28


A Tribute For A Lifetime – 28 

What if this was your last time to be with him?  What would you say, how would you speak, how would you listen? Satyen’s words move me to silence and inspire me to shine on the inside.  Enjoy this as our gift to you…

Blog, Forgiveness

I Hate When You… – 24 

The lid’s blown off on this vid, It’s uncensored, crazy and Suzanne and I really go at it! I can’t stand when she…(well you’ll find out) She can’t stand it when I’m “piggish”. Yes she’s shaming me in front of thousands, but I don’t care!…

Blog, Initiating

If I Only Did This More! – 22 

It doesn’t take much time at all! It doesn’t take any energy. It’s so easy when you get the hang of it, and takes less than a couple of minutes… Here’s the most inexpensive gift I gave today to Satyen, yet he values it like…

Blog, Enticement

When You Wear That, I Sizzle – 20 

Suzanne has a way of making me “sizzle” on the inside. You know that feeling when you are stirring inside and have that tantalizing desire to head towards the bedroom… It’s these little things she does that capture my attention away from the stuff I…

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