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10 Apr 2020

Come On Baby, Make It Hurt So Good! – 18

Blog, Seduction

Paying Taxes, Erotic?! – 16 

Do you ever ramble on and wonder if he’s even listening? Just between us, I have to say, I worry that sometimes Satyen’s not even interested in what I’m saying… ’cause God knows I am not always on the edge of my seat anticipating his…

Blog, Expression

Do That With You? – Nope, Not Me! – 15 

“Honey, I love you and NO!”  Ya know, this is just one thing that’s better if we don’t do it together. I’m sure you’ve found yourself in this situation – You’re doing something together and it’s just not working. You’re feeling frusrated, annoyed – you…


We Are In Time Out… – 11 

At this point we want to rip each others head off.. In this moment he’s irritating me to no end… Right now, I can’t really stand the sight of him.. Yes.. it’s real, and we are sharing this moment with you as hard as it…

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