Arletta Saafir recently interviewed us for her show.
This interview really rocks as it has so much food for the soul and lube for the bed sheets… It lays out many how to’s to Ignite Passion between you and your partner.
Topics covered:
What is passion?
How do we create it?
What we are doing to inadvertently Kill it!
What is Feminine Vibe?
What is Masculine Vibe?
How can we play with our Vibes to create sizzle?
What can you do to keep it alive for the long term?
And a whole lot more…
It’s about an hour long, so download it and play it in your car (take your lover on a car ride adventure).  It will make your drive a whole lot sexier… 😉 you’ll probabley have to pull over somewhere private 😉
Do like, and spill your passion by commenting and share this with other Couples -they don’t have to have a problem in their relationship to hear this!  You don’t have to have a problem to watch a movie together right? So when you share, think of it as sharing a romantic movie suggestion with other Couples!

Click Here to download MP3 version of entire Interview