Featuring Internationally Renowned Relationship and Intimacy Experts Satyen & Suzanne Raja...

How To Create Deeper Connection, Hotter Sex & Closer Intimacy

Satyen & Suzanne, creators of Ignite Passion Now, have worked with thousands of couples from all walks of life.  Having been together for over 20 years, they know a thing or two about keeping passion alive, juicy, stimulating and exciting...AND NOW they have found a way to share their secrets directly with you...in a way unlike anything ever before.

Discover A Revolutionary Approach...

Why People Who Go Through the Ignite Passion Now Experiences Notice Immediate New Levels of Intimacy In Their Relationships

Why Do Many Couples Struggle?

How do couples stay in love, in good times and in bad? Fortunately, the answer isn’t through luck or chance. As a result of hard work and commitment, they figure out the importance of the following relationship “musts.” 

Because only a few couples know about all of the musts, we think of them as the relationship “secrets.”

Now, there's a lot of information out there on relationships.  The knowledge is endless. What is right? And more importantly, what actually works?!

Books can only get us so far. And many of the relationship 'secrets' can't be properly understood through text. Even audio programs fall short. So when it comes to our relationship, these can often do more harm than good. 

Once we have a clear example, however, everything changes. And suddenly what was once obscure and abstract becomes clear as day. 

More information often clouds our mind. It is one thing to intellectually understand how to create deeper intimacy, but a whole other thing entirely to live it. 

What really activates change into our bodies, mind and soul is an experience.

It's easy to forget what we read.

But when we are gently guided to open up the channels of intimacy and tap into deep physical and emotional sexual desire, it becomes natural. 

The secret is to create a safe environment where you can be guided to EXPERIENCE deep heart connection, awakened passion and intimacy. 

The Secret to A Happy, Exciting & Passionate Relationship...

Meet Satyen & Suzanne Raja

Black Belt, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Visionary, Life-Architect and Passion Igniter are just a few of the words that describe Satyen. His presentation style, whether in a one-to-one radio interview, or to an auditorium of thousands, is provocative, inspiring, and above all, full of useful tips and techniques. Satyen created and runs a variety of highly successful companies, including martial arts schools, as well as a multi-million dollar personal growth global enterprise known as WarriorSage. He is a lifelong learner, gaining wisdom from a variety of sources; distilling and combining them into cohesive lessons to be shared with the global community.In his personal life, he is a devoted husband and father. Suzanne is his partner and spouse of thirty years.

Suzanne Raja is a transformational leader in her own right and co-founder of Ignite Passion Now. She is vibrant and energetic, offering powerful wisdom, humour, and inspiration that has helped thousands of couples find the essence of Igniting Passion in their relationship. As Suzanne exclaims, “The thing that you resist is the very thing that is going to save or enhance your relationship. You must move…and dance together. You get the energy that you never thought you had…Dance as if your movement is a snapshot of your life. This is us! This is our passion! This is what we GIVE to the world!”

Married Over 20 Years & Have Taught over 10,000 Students The Art of Sex, Passion & Enlightenment

Satyen & Suzanne Have Shown THOUSANDS of couples How to Re-Ignite Passion, Have Deep, Close Connection and tantric 'awakening-to-god' sex.   

After 30 years of relationship, study and application They've Combined Their Best Secrets & are Confident they can SHOW YOU how...

Rapid Passion Re-Igniting: 

Only for the elite...until now.

Satyen and Suzanne have travelled the globe teaching seminars for small executives or for audiences of 1000s.

If you had wanted to have experience of what they do, you would have to invest a few thousand dollars and travel to the nearest event.

Because the mission is to ignite passion for couples everywhere, they knew something had to be done. 

So they took all their top designed experiences, that have never been shared before, and created something so that you can now experience the EXACT same guided mentoring -- right from your own home... 

The Ignite Passion Now At Home Experiences

Our Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experiences are collection of revolutionary, multi-dimensional passion experiences. It's the pinnacle of all our years of relationship study, application and mentoring tens of thousands of students.  This is the only system that actually guides you step by step -- in real time. 

Discover your lovers deepest turn-ons, fantasies and know how to effortlessly create uncontrollable anticipation. Watch as your passion roars to a blazing fire and your friends, green with jealousy, constantly ask for your secret. 

These unique practices turn dead-in-the-body passionlessness into the type of fiery, heart-connected connection where the whole world melts away…

You will not only learn how to create powerful, passionate relationships, you will practice and experience it.

This complete system that will ignite your passion, and keep it hot for a lifetime, will walk you through the 10 Key Areas that are vital for your relationship to succeed.

  • Forgiveness
  • Initiating
  • Closeness
  • Knowhow
  • Seduction
  • Enticement
  • Devotion
  • Edginess
  • Expression
  • Longevity

Imagine for a moment...

Having a relationship that is exciting, passionate and powerful.

Begin totally "turned-on” the instant you see your partner.

Being “untamed” and “spontaneous” in your expression of love.

The Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience really moved me. It was really very powerful! Jamie has become even more of a real turn on for me. He tends to be more conservative and he became so rugged, raw and sexier than ever! The experience has already affected our passion! I feel like we are kids playing in this huge pool, it is really exciting to try something new. It has increased our passion for sure. I am excited about doing more because of the connection that Jamie and I will have afterwards.  Before going in to this experience, our passion pulse was at a low of 2. After the experience it had jumped to a 9!

My husband tends to be more conservative and he became so rugged, raw and sexier than ever!

Saranjeet Singh

Environmental Technologist

Customer Review:

Some Problems Ignite Passion Now Rectifies:

Couples that aren't making sex, passion and devotion a priority, and can't get through to each other emotionally.

Couples wanting to take their current sexual experience to new tantalizations and full body sexual enticements. 

Couples Making time for each other and while turning the passion spark into an inferno of love, seduction, devotion and romanticism. 

These are Magic Carpet Rides for Lovers. 

This is not simply a course or knowledge or more information that clouds your mind and heart.

It's the only multi-­‐dimensional passion experience that uses all the 5 senses to Ignite your Passion immediately

That means you'll be involving touch, taste, smell, sights and sounds in ways you've never experienced before, all from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and unwavering desire to IGNITE PASSION NOW!

Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get...

*Shipping and dvd player not required. This system is available immediately on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

Retail $99

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Completely online so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

These 10 Intimate Playtime Experiences are available in a convenient online format so you can use these ANYWHERE with an internet connection.

Try the Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience risk-free. You have a full 60 days to try these Date Nights for you and your lover.

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply call or email our Customer Service for FULL refund — no questions asked.

If that sounds cool to you… click here now!

Take Your Passion To Unimaginable Levels – Or Your Money Back

Ok Let's recap everything included in the Ignite Passion Now Experiences...

Approximately 56 minutes

1. Cleaning The Slate - Start anew, you deserve it

This is the experience where you let go and strike the spark that will get you started playing again.

2. Unlocking Passion - The key to each other’s Heart

You’ll re-experience what brought you together. What was that spark? That little tinkle that caused you to fall head over heals for each other?

3. The Passion Link - Merging into Oneness

Tonight link your hearts, minds, wants, needs and deep sexual desires. Connect or re-connect with each other, in deep ecstasy regardless of what you are feeling today. Create a deep passionate connection and become as one.

4. The Passion Manual - Know your partners deep turn ons

Unfortunately our lover didn’t come with a manual, especially a turn-on manual. So we have been left trying to figure out with trial and error what totally juices our sweetheart. Not any more!

5. Passion Seduction - Time for the man to be even more      irresistibly seductive to your lover

Deep seductive powers are a part of each and every one of us, but what does it take to bring them to surface, and even increase the ones we already have? To bring us to a world of soft but manly romanticism? Can we bring our lover to the very height of orgasm without the regular method of getting there?

6. Enticing Passion - As the seductress, you can make him lose his mind and worship the very ground you walk on

Tonight you’ll unleash the sultry seductress inside of you… Tantalizing, flirty, confident and totally in control. Tonight you’ll make him beg for more and more. 

7. Sexual Devotion - Core sexual, sensual and emotional devotion to each other

Physical full body sexual and sensual devotion - what does that feel like? Not just the devotion of words or the mind, but devotion at the very physical core. Molecules dancing erratically in unison with each other, feeling the love, commitment and devotion. 

8. Submission Control - Can we take sexual passion to another level?

Deep sexual penetration without any penetration - playing with each other in a wildly exciting way, maybe taking it a little further, maybe right at your edge of comfort. You know the naughty side, that side that maybe we’ve been hiding? 

9. Passion Spectrum - There is a spectrum of passion from a spark to a flaming inferno to the ultimate climax devotion

Tonight you will go from one end of the passion spectrum to the other. Tantalizing your hearts, minds and physical body to a range of experience that sweeps you off your feet and whisks you away through of journey of love, romance, sex and undeniable devotion of heart.

Satyen & Suzanne have a spent a lifetime studying, applying, mentoring and distilling this spectrum of experiences.

10. Keeping Passion Alive - In our living room – a frank discussion on how we keep passion alive

Tonight we will have a raw uncut experience and discussion on how we keep passion alive, some of the challenges we’ve gone through, and how we keep going. We open up our virtual home, let you in on some secrets and share with you some things that we have never shared publicly before.

Approximately 48 minutes

Approximately 53 minutes

Approximately 50 minutes

Approximately 34 minutes

Approximately 21 minutes

Approximately 50 minutes

Approximately 33 minutes

Approximately 59 minutes

Approximately 46 minutes

Their high profile clients typically invest $5000 for 1 hour of one-to-one relationship mentoring with Satyen & Suzanne. And given the speed of transformation and depth of fiery passion that is re-ignited, they find it to be the most inexpensive option...

What's more? Again and again their clients report their guidance unlocked the clog, re-kindled the spark and showed them exactly how to create to the most passionate, exciting and fulfilling romantic relationship for a lifetime!

...but you'll get these full TEN HOURS of guided practice for merely a fraction of the cost....

BONUS: The Complete Passion Pulse - 100 Ways to Ignite Passion

In this full version of the 100 Point Passion Pulse includes 70% more tips, qualities and elements of passion than our free online version. This program is built to gauge your passion and watch as your relationship gets stronger as you go through the experiences.

BONUS: The Passion Manual Template For Your Lover

In Date Night Experience 3 we introduce the Passion Manual.  This process will allow you finally have a an actual manual of what turns your partner on! We've included our template for you to follow along with.

Here are just a couple things you'll experience in these 10 Ignite Passion Now Date Nights...

Don’t Decide Now… Take All The Time You Need & Try Ignite Passion Now For A Full 60 Days.

If you sign up right now, you will get everything for just:

If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 60 days.

Total: $1,197

  • 10 Intimate Date Night Experiences ($995)
  1. Cleaning the slate
  2. Unlocking Passion
  3. The Passion Link
  4. The Passion Manual
  5. Passion Seduction
  6. Enticing Passion
  7. Sexual Devotion
  8. Submission Control
  9. Passion Spectrum
  10. Keeping Passion Alive
  • 10 Passion Preludes To Prepare you for Each Date ($149)
  • Passion Manual Template ($19)
  • Full Passion Pulse Program over 100 Elements of Passion ($39)
  • An unconditional 60 day money back guarantee

Included in this program:


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Customer Reviews

The Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience really did it for me. It reinforced what I didn’t intuitively know that I should have known.Suzanne and Satyen are great at carrying the flag of relationship.

Before the experiences our passion pulse was at a 5 and it jumped to a 29 or 30! It was amazing! It really helped to unlock the passion in our relationship…it was really powerful!

I am very excited about doing more. And I will recommend this to my friends.

James Freeman

Rancher and Hydro Geologist

We enjoyed our Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience so much…we did it again! It helped to create a magnetic charge between us. I am even more attracted to Dawna now than before! When it got tough, we pushed through our comfort zone and found a beautiful truth within our own relationship.

I get passionate about my work and don’t take the time to go on a date with Dawna. My business tends to be up on the priority list. When passion is low it is easy for passion to slide by. When passion is higher it is easier for us to hug, put down what I’m doing, support her, be more present and feel better about what we are creating.

It helped us to drop all other things and focus on what is really important…us. Seeing each other for the first time was also so effective in helping us to clear our history that wasn’t serving us. And, letting go of all that baggage is really refreshing!

So, practically, when we began, our passion pulse was at 14, by the time we were done, it jumped to 28!

To do this on a regular basis would be a lot of fun! We would come to lots of new places in terms of what we’re comfortable with, and we’d talk about what we each want sexually and emotionally so that we could make it a reality.

I would definitely recommend the Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience to those who already have a healthy connection with their partner because it is very exposing, vulnerable and playful.

Brodie Whitney

Life & Business Coach

 I liked the Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience. Seeing and feeling Suzanne and Satyen try on different energies. The trust and rapport and ease between them helped us to receive the experience. The way they were showing up made it really accessible, palatable for us.

Watching it happen between them even though we’re already connected made it helpful for me to submit…stretching and playing to go beyond where we would normally go.

They made it look fun, not like work. Helped us to dive in and own our submissive/controlling energies and just play around. Feeling and watching Matthew stretch and go beyond his comfort zone made me feel good.

Knowing is one thing, experiencing is another and this gave us the opportunity to really get it.

Before the experience our passion pulse was at a 6 as we had lots of love and communication but not always passion. After the experience our pulse would be at an 8 as we were both really spiced up!

I will recommend this to my friends. I am also very curious about what else you’ve got!

Maren Bloom

The Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience was the best time as a couple my wife and I have ever experienced in our 30 years of marriage. 

It brought us closer than we had ever been. Some hardened shells were dissolved. Satyen and Suzanne are courageous, humble examples who lead by example. 

They love their love, and they love the love of all couples, and they make daily, deeply passionate love the normal, and make tolerating less than that an intolerable waste of one of life’s most precious gift, the love of your loved one. Every couple that knows their love is precious should experience Ignite Passion Now!

Paul Preston, MD

Here what other couples have to say about Ignite Passion Now

Sadna and I have been together for ten years now and although our relationship has evolved and grown stronger, we are happy now…but the memories of some of the initial passion between us had faded over time. With jobs, kids, household upkeep and the myriad of other distractions and hurdles of life, we lost something very important over time.

The Ignite Passion Now Virtual Experience opened a door of deep awareness to appreciate and honor each other. It had deep significance for us…like something deep within us was bonding again.

I will definitely recommend this to my friends.



Is this pornography?

How long do I get to keep it?

No! This are tasteful, guided practices designed bring mature couples in love into deep emotional, connection. As a result, couples often find that these experiences lead to passionate, romantic encounters.

Forever. After you enroll you have lifetime access to all the experiences, downloads and bonuses.

Can singles do this?

These guided experiences are specifically designed to be done with your partner. We have tips on how to plan your date nights, and its imperative you are both there to take part. 

What if it doesn't work for me?

We have an incredibly high success rate for all couples who use Ignite Passion Now, but if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply let us know within sixty days, and we'll refund the full amount. No questions asked.

How does Ignite Passion Now work?

Ignite Passion Now consists of 10 unique intimate playtime date night experiences. Each comes with a brief prelude video to prepare for the experience. Then you plan your date night. At the time, turn the experience on, then watch and follow along as Satyen & Suzanne guide you and your partner into deep connection and orgasmic ecstasy.

Some of our frequently asked questions.


Total: $1,197

  • 10 Intimate Date Night Experiences ($995)
  1. Cleaning the slate
  2. Unlocking Passion
  3. The Passion Link
  4. The Passion Manual
  5. Passion Seduction
  6. Enticing Passion
  7. Sexual Devotion
  8. Submission Control
  9. Passion Spectrum
  10. Keeping Passion Alive
  • 10 Passion Preludes To Prepare you for Each Date ($149)
  • Passion Manual Template ($19)
  • Full Passion Pulse Program over 100 Elements of Passion ($39)
  • An unconditional 60 day money back guarantee

Included in this program:

Don’t Decide Now… Take All The Time You Need & Try Ignite Passion Now For A Full 60 Days.

If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 60 days.

If you sign up right now, you will get everything for just:

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