OK, let’s get right to the artery!

Is Gay Marriage valid or not, and should it be up in the air on so many levels?

Politics are politics, and religion has its own viewpoints based on who you are talking to.
Here Satyen dives into the REAL issues about relationship, which for us is all about Love and Polarity between Couples…
In this remarkable video (it’s about 30 minutes and well worth sitting back and really letting this touch you) a Gay Couple expose themselves to all of us and stir all of us deeply.

Hopefully you will end up crying like we did when reviewing this.
Here’s what the real issues are to us here at Ignite Passion Now.
You won’t believe the ending…it’s very emotionally moving to see Love dissolve all our seeming differences.
This is a great video for ANY Couple and also great for Gay Couples.
We really want to hear your comments on this gem!
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