Suzanne and I open up our purpose and mission with Igniting Passion now!

We share this with these really cool cats (check out this Gentlemen’s Hat and Mustache)
He says “every minute of everyday is foreplay” with a deep grin (watch his lady’s lip curling reaction).
This couple has a lot of wisdom and they start opening up during the interview (watch the whole thing 😉 it’s worth it).

The best part is watching them go through “The Passion Experience”.
We reveal our “signature” PCP Muscle for the Men! Men clear the decks, tune in and absorb.
We reveal our “signature” Hot ISE Potion” (not a typo;) ) for the Goddesses!
Yummm Yummm, wow, bang, boom, hot ha ha 😉
Don’t blame us if you have to buy a new bed frame tonight 😉

Get involved by Igniting Passion Now, everything else can wait – it should, darn it!!
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