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This vid created a big stir! Suzanne and I held a show in our booth at the Taboo Sex Show in BC. We interviewed many couples about their Passion and Intimacy – well we got some powerful insight into the main challenges many couples are having – mostly, it is lack luster passion and sexuality.  Not because the love was gone, but because of all the stresses of life that I’m sure we all can relate too. Well we did our magic (as you’ll see inside) and within minutes, the couples who where flat – well, they couldn't get their hands off each other. Some people asked if this was staged and we promise this was not and the passion ignited within just a few minutes of our guidance and direction.  We call this the Passion experience! So here it is again, one of the most popular videos of 2012! Enjoy and Ignite Passion Now, everything else can

[youtube iaCj-9-yvPk 560 315]


This video got a lot of calls ringing at our office.  We dealt with the common question “I don’t feel passion with my partner anymore, should I leave?” This is a painful place to be in and this feeling happens to the best of us. This video was solace to many and some even shared how the 6 minutes it took to watch it turned around their relationship! We do what we do because we’ve been there, and share from our real personal experience – being together for 25 years and coaching many thousands at our live events and one on one.  Ready to take it to the next level?  Revisit this gem…..

[youtube OpLix21JWzY 560 315]


OK, this one surprised us both in what people were sharing with us! Suzanne grabbed me out of the blue while driving – and let’s say it was dynamite! So, here is the after glow again for you and some inspiration to dare a little more…

just in case you are missing any…..

[youtube NTUI25Z9GJY 560 315]