The lid's blown off on this vid, It's uncensored, crazy and Suzanne and I really go at it!

I can't stand when she…(well you'll find out) She can't stand it when I'm “piggish”.
Yes she's shaming me in front of thousands, but I don't care! I'm going to tell her how I really feel darnit!
(I'd swear here but I won't)

Well, it comes as no surprise, but she cuts loose on me… don't underestimate the Feminine vibe like I did.
I just made it out alive 😉

You may want to turn your volume down on this one because we are screaming and you're not going to want to
miss any of our silly hot headedness!

We’re not even sure about asking you to share this one, as this is only the tip of the Volcano going on inside us (and inside some of you too we are sure)!  Hope you get a laugh out of it.