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For years I knew Suzanne and I were different, and that Men and Women see things a lot differently.
It wasn't until my teacher David Deida taught me to distinguish the real differences that make us have more of a “Masculine” or “Feminine”  essence or “Vibe” as we like to call it, that I really got it.
What he taught Suzanne and I revolutionized how we interact and gave us lots of clarity on what makes us grow apart or together.
This understanding is VITAL for everyone in a relationship!!!
I can’t emphasize enough that we are uniquely oriented, and here we dive into it.
And you’ll be so surprised when you find out this ageless secret that should be taught in every high school…Once you know what we show here, you will save yourself years of suffering – I mean it!
(And stay tuned for part 2 coming soon)