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Passion Poison is the feeling of being Trapped, Hollow and Unloved.
The masculine side of us (Men and Women) can easily feel overwhelmed by life’s daily duties, tasks, responsibilities and chores.
I don’t know about you but they don’t ever seem to end, and that feeling of always more to do drains the passion out from under you and weakens your relationship like a slow acting poison.
Feeling hollow inside and unloved only makes us needy.  Needy feelings show up and your partner can feel it.  It’s repulsive deep down inside to them.  They just don't want to be around you, and that’s a vicious cycle that deteriorates passion quickly.
But then, you want Real Love and Real Freedom don’t you?
This Passion Antidote deals with the real problem of co-dependency (meaning you rely on your partner for happiness) and what to do too…it’s that important – take this in with willingness, ok…

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