Ok, here it is.  I’m willing to take as much flack that comes at me for this one,
because if I don’t say it, who will?  Want to drop the guilt that comes with being turned on by others?

There are so many relationship coaches that shy away from this topic
‘cause they really have no idea what to do about it – for real – just cheesy platitudes.
And this loaded topic has lead to oh so many divorces, so let’s get real here, shall we?
There are so many hot men and women out there, and you Love your partner –
what the heck do you do with the sexy vibe that gets lit up by beautiful people
that you shouldn't be going after?

This is what we do when a “Hottie” man or woman walks by,
and you want to do something way better than pretend it’s not there, or stuff it down.
Happy Summer Passion Igniters…it’s only going to get hotter!

Share this one with EVERYONE – we mean it!  Everyone NEEDS to hear this.