We were recently interviewed by Roz and Mr 7 of WXRP Radio.
This is one of our hottest and favorite interviews!

We go into:

  • our origins and how we came to our mission
  • what has failed and worked in our 25 yrs together and what we’ve distilled from our romance together
  • what’s missing in today’s relationship advice/books/and such
  • why many men get turned off from relationship matters
  • how to entice him to go deeper with you
  • why couples drift apart and what to do to stop it
  • is there hope for your relationship if its rocky – how to find out
  • how “control” turns on a women or is disastrous, listen up to this one for sure, guys
  • raising your sexual vibe
  • what really turns us on for real (uncensored) and a whole lot more practical and inspirational passion raising tips and tools

There is a definite energy (more than just the info) that comes through this interview – let it hit you inside and start some rumbling.
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